Making Chain Earrings

This earring has 3 chains attached to a fish hook. 
The middle chain has 12 connected jump rings while the two chains have 9 connected jump rings. All of these chains are attached to one jump ring which I used to connect to the earring loop.

I have inserted each jump ring a teal-colored small seed bead.

To add weight and volume as it dangles, I've attached two jump rings with bead to the end of each chains.

It's just that easy. No complication though it will really take time and patience to complete this piece as you will work with small pieces of jump rings and beads.

I have already sold two pairs of this earrings :)

Happy Beading!!!

Christening Giveaway Pics

A friend and a colleague of mine who is very much into scrapping influences me to do scrapping stuff. By then, I was very hesitant to put my time into this craft because of two obvious reasons: 1) it is time consuming and 2) I am not very artistic. I tried my hands on my very first digi-scrap project, a picture collection of me and my beau which I'd put into frame and presented to him as my 5th anniversary gift. The outcome is great for a first timer. One just need to be thoughtful to create a thing with an art. From then on, in between breaks and idle time, I usually find myself doing digi-scrapbooking. I don't have much of a collection but when friends have occasions like christenings or birthdays, I usually volunteer to create thumbnail pictures for the give aways. In this way, I can practice this craft and can eventually discover few techniques of creating digi-scrap using Photoshop Adobe.

Here are the recent giveaway pictures I've created (a volunteered work for both my bf's brother and his first cousin). All elements used in these pictures came from Shabby Princess.
For Franzua
For Claurence Karl

The pictures I have used are not great. It is so hard to take pictures of these babies. If you can't find them sleeping, they are fully awake and crying. Such cute, little whiners!

Know the Basic for Beginners: Earring Wires

There are just too many details on bead materials ranging from wire, threads, pins, beads that you will lose track whenever you want to buy bead materials. I am sure beginners like me would feel the same sentiments when going stores from stores, examining details, looking for what is best and sometimes ending up either buying the wrong one or buying one that is not does not actually suit the project in mind.

Once I bought a Fish Hook earring findings, when I arrive home and started my drop earring project, I realized the earring I was working on would look good on something that would lessen its lenght. I should have selected something like a ball posts with a charm loop but then I am not aware of that term. And the saleslady that was assisting me was not very much informative.

For beginners like me, I have put together if not all some of the earring wires I am familiar with that you can add to your starter kit.

1. Fish Hook
A simple hook with a twisted wire and something like a 4mm ball at the base

2. French Hook
A simple wire hook with a basic charm look (minus the twisted wire and the 4mm ball)

3. Euro Clicks & Lever Backs
Elegenat, not so thick wire with hinges.

4. Ball Posts
In tagalog, 'de pakaw'. A very simple earring findings with a 4mm ball with a charm loop and a hook.

5. Flat Disks
Good for making simple piece of earrings. Flat disk can also make a great dangling earrings!

I hope this little information helps beginners out there.

Happy beading!!!

Page under construction

My apology to my readers and followers... all of the widgets including my chat box were gone because of this sudden urge to change my template, I forgot to have a backup of my previous template.

My plurk widget is gone...
My traffic feed is gone...
My follower is gone...
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I was only able to restore my blog header but not the other widgets. I will try to restore it soon!

Thus, I'm saying this page is:

Happy weekend everyone!!!

Good Managers Focus on Employees' Strengths, Not Weaknesses

"A great manager knows he or she will get the most return on investment by working on strengths..."


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How to Make Simple Charm Bracelet


6 - 7 inches Silver Bracelet Chain (you can select bracelet with few charms on it)
5 pcs 8mm Pearl Bead
5 pcs 6mm Pearl Bead
5 pcs 4mm Pearl Bead
5 pcs 4mm Crystal Bead
20 pcs Head Pins


Round Nose
Nose Pliers
Clasp and Toogle (if the Bracelet Chain does not have a lock)

The procedures are very simple.

1. String a pearl bead on a head pin. Make sure the pearl bead go all the way down to the shaft, and that the head of the pin is flush with the bead. Do this in all the remaining Pearl Beads.

2. Take one head pin with pear bead, using chain nose pliers bend the wire right next to the bead away from you at a right angle. Note: If you think the head pin is too long, cut it into your desired length.

3. Make a loop. Grasp the bent wire with your round nose pliers just beyond the bend. Pull the end of the wire back around the tip of the pliers. Go all the way around and make a loop around the tip of the pliers, until the wire points in the other direction. Do not close the loop yet because you still need to attach this to the bracelet. If you accidentally close the loop, you can just re-open it by using two flat nose pliers and remember to open it sideways.

4. Repeat steps 2 - 3 to all remaining beads.

5. Now that you finished looping, connect head pin components onto the chain. Leave two or three link between each dangles.

It would be up to you where to place beads. I prefer starting at the middle by putting largest bead, then the next size up to the small, alternately. You can also opt to have different bead colors.

Now you have finished your very first charm bracelet project. Not a bad one for a starter:)

Happy beading!!!

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Make time to bead

I am still a novice when it comes to craft making as I have started only a month ago. Beading, cross stitching and scrapbooking are hobbies I have developed from several inspirations - friends who share the same interests, internets, magazines, my interest in small, beautiful details plus the feeling of joy of accomplishing something I could be proud of saying 'I've done it myself' without spending a penny. I have found my niche on these crafts.

Even though I'm already doing lots of things, still there are days that I feel like I'd accomplished nothing. There are always invisible bubbles of ramblings popping out of my head "so much to do in so little time... nada... nada..".

Yesterday, before bedtime after doing all the pre-bedtime chores (dish-cleaning, ironing, room cleaning, doing my usual hygiene), I sat at the corner of my bed doing a portion of my cross stitch - a trial by error french-knotting at that time. I've accomplished 4-squares when I looked at my cellphone clock and it's already half past 11 PM and it's time to bed becuase tomorrow (that is today) I will have to wake early for my usual morning routine of preparing to office at 9 AM. Good thing that when I am in the office, I still find time blogging in between breaks and idle time and while waiting for tasks. Today, I am encountering technical problems with the application I am testing that's why I have plenty of time to indulge myself blogging here and browsing the net.

As I was contemplating on how I could manage my time and spend a portion of my day beading or cross stitching or scrapbooking, I've come accrossed this post that I would like to share that offers handy tips in finding possible time for craft making.

Click here to read it....

Happy beading!!!

Free Seminar Coming Up!

There is another DTI-CLEEP free seminars coming up scheduled tentatively this August 22, 2009. You can visit this site if you want to check out their list of seminars:

DTI CLEEP Free Seminars

I am opting for Bag Accessorizing as my first choice and I will go for Basic Photography for a second choice. Unlike the previous month's free seminar, this will only be held for whole day. One seminar = 1 day :( So I guess, I better go for Bag Accesorizing in line with my bead working.

Seminar registration will start at 7:30 AM. Hurry and be early before all slots run out! You should be there at 7:00 AM.

Know the Basic for Beginners: Basic Tools

Are you one of those who are eager to form a creative hobby and is eye-ing bead working as a start but is not sure how to begin?

Here are some know the basic guide to help you get started.

Same as any other handcrafts, you cannot do much without the proper tools to start with. You have to get yourself familiarized with the different beading tools. I am using three different basic work tools which I think is a must have for every beginner.

Round Nose Plier

With a long, smooth round jaw perfect for creating wire loops. Because of it's long nose, you are able to reach difficult areas. This is a necessity for every beading project, from simple drop beaded earrings, to chunky necklaces to very kikay charmed bracelet.

Flat Nose Pliers

Also called the Needle Nose Pliers.
It has two flat surfaced jaws used to hold and manipulate both sheet and wire gold silver and all precious metals. This tool has lap joints and polished head to prevent marking soft metals and is great for opening and closing jump rings, straightening wire loops, making right angle bend in wire, flat crimping and so on.
I tried opening jump rings using a flat nose and a round nose. I noticed that my jump rings were dented and sometimes crimped. So I suggest to keep two flat nose for opening and closing jump rings and for holding wires while you're beading.

Chain Nose Pliers
Chain Nose Pliers comes 2 in 1, a flat nose with a cutter on the middle near the hinge part. This work well for tiny details or wire-wrapping beads.

The cutter is also important in cutting wires and threads. Just be careful though when cutting wires. There are tiny bits that just fly out and can harm your eyes or face so you might need to keep a working glass within reach

As your beading skills progress, you will learn other few essential tools for advanced beading. But for now, try to practice your beading skills with the above handy tools

Happy beading!!!

Prioritizing Your Goals

I have so much things in mind, things that I want to achieve, stuff that I want to do, office works that need to be finished on time, friends that I want to see or visit. If I could only stretch out one day into more than 24 hours, I could have done it.

I'm into my blog writing...
I'm into other blogs, reading...
I'm into beading...
I'm into network sales...
I'm into friendster doing another blog...
I'm into crosstitching...
I'm into scrapbooking...
I still got pending office works - Functional Summary Report needs to be finalized EOD. PDM Process Presentation need to be documented asap...
I'm into everything... and I'm cramming.

I imagine my brain having a virtual filing cabinet where I am filing up 'to dos' in a very orderly manner as possible. And with a signalling device tha could just buzz in when I need to leave the things I am currently doing and move on to the next one.

I just heard a buzz that sounds like 'prioritiessss'. A wisdom of the moment.

Yes, what are my priorities? I think I had to set one thing ahead of another.

Hay... So much work in so little time. Please God take no offense, I know You've design it the way You think is best. I'm just ranting... I'm still thankful for the gift of time.

As I was surfing the net searching for any sayings that would better suit my mood today, I came accross this quote and I would like to share it to everyone reading this blog.

“Set priorities for your goals. A major part of successful living lies in the ability to put first things first. Indeed, the reason most major goals are not achieved is that we spend our time doing second things first.”

Beading on a budget

With the glowering news about the economy and thousands of people uncertain of their jobs, it makes sense that more and more people turn to handcrafts not for some kind of diversion but as a way to leverage their insufficient income or as an emergency resort when the unfortunate time comes that they would be benched from work. But if you are trying to stick with your daily usual budget (food, transportation, phone bill, electricity, awater, etc) it will likely hamper your idea of embarking into this kind of 'creative' business venture and will probably kill your creativity impulses. Believe me, it happened to me. But not if you will try some of these tips:

1. Recycle your old, unused accessories
Use what you already have. For sure, you have dozens of accessories you've stashed sometime ago somewhere in your wardrobe waiting for who-knows-when-opportunity to use them. When you feel the urge to start on your new beading project, instead of despairing about not able to buy new beads, try digging your wardrobe, collect old stuff. You can tweak old accessories to fit new designs. And you might be surprised for your new piece creation and might be inspired to go advanced beading.

2. Decide your design before buying
When you went store hopping for beads, make sure that you already have designs, patterns, themes of accessories in mind. Chances are if you do not know what to designs you would like to experiment on, you would not know what materials to pick. Bear in mind that bead comes in different sizes ranging from a millimeter to over a centimeter or sometimes several centimeters in diamter. It also comes in various colors and materials. Glass, plastic and stone are the most commone materials, but beads are also made from bone, horn, ivory, metal, shell, pearl, coral, gemstones, polymer clay, metal clay, resin, synthetic minerals, wood, ceramic, fiber, paper, and seeds. As long as you know what you want, you won't have a hard time selecting.

3. Go online
You have this urge to start you project but you have no idea where and what to start. Thanks to the globally interconnected computer network called the internet, you can just simply surf the net and you'll get tons of ideas ranging from designs, tips and how to's. You can just go to, type in beadworks and hit enter. Viola! You've got number of links that you could check out. There are many websites offering free patterns and designs, handy tips and how to's instruction for different expertise level - beginner and advanced. Plus you can also use the internet to your selling advantage. Who would realized that extra income is just a click away?

4. Re-use/Re-model old projects
Before deciding to buy another sets of new beads, you can go through your completed projects. As a beginner, there are lots of imperfections, there pieces that you feel didn't fit right, pieces that just you just plainly don't like. You can re-model this pieces. It would be exciting to tear them apart and creating something better than before. And the best part is that you won't spend a single penny to make a new piece of beadwork.

5. Buy in bulk
If you are really into serious beadworking, do not go for small quantities. Always go for wholesale. One thing that I learned on my first bead-trip to Quiapo is to buy in bulk. There are beads that comes in small packages worth 15-35 pesos which contain close enough to 50 pcs. Buying a 1000 grams of beads for 100 is quiet practical compared to buying small packages. You might not be able to use all those beads at one time but it would save you big time in the long run.

These are the handy tips I've learned from my short-time indulgence to this hobby.

Happy beading!!! :)

Getting Started: My first handworks

I went bead-hunting at Quiapo last Saturday. I knitted my way thru piles of people searching for this Wilsonmar, one of the stores recommended by the speaker from the training I recently attented. Crossing my finger that 500 pesos in my wallet would be enough for my do-it-yourself kit, I spotted this D.I.Y store. As I went inside, I was overwhelmed with excitement that I instantly started picking beads, threads and charms one after another. I didn't even noticed there was a sales lady who's following me, no not following me but 'tailgating' me is the right term. She was always behind me watching my temporary 'buying' delirium. Before I know it, the small basket I was carrying was already full. By then I realized I didn't actually need all those stuff so I then started putting them one by one back to their respective places (mejo nahiya kasi ako sa sales lady e). Good thing I had with me the copies of the bracelet pattern I am planning to create. I hope the sales lady was not bugged because of my pesistent questioning about the thread sizes, beads colors, classes and sizes, sizes of hooks and locks, etc...

I also bought a medium sized plastic organizer worth 180.00 (I guess napamahal ako dun pero kelangan ko din talagang bilhin). I never made it to my destination, which is actually the Wilsonmar store. The beads, charms and threads amounted up to 640 plus not mentioning the organizer and the needles I bought from another store, leaving me with enough fare money on my wallet. But there was no regret. I was excited to go home to start my knitting and beading. Anyway, I spent half of my Saturday and whole of my Sunday beading three bracelets and creating two simple earrings. This is already an achievement for someone like me who's just starting.

Here it is, my first handworks :)

This starter kit costs me almost 1,000
I also met this lady carrying a combination of pink and white beaded-bag, so elegant. She said it took her one month to complete the handworks including the purse she'd shown me. I am really looking forward to create my own design of beaded bag and wallets. I guess there is no too much work for someone ardently devoted.

DIY projects

I really want DIY stuff. From scapbooking, card-making, picture frames, accessory-making, etc...

And since I love wearing accessories, I want to have at least basic knowledge of how to create bracelets out of seed beads, gems and charm stones. Good thing that one of my boardmates happend to attend this Comprehensive Livelihood and Emergency Employment Program held at Philippine Trade and Training Center at Pasay City and told me the upcoming training schedule.

So, Last Friday, June 17, I attended a free Basic and Advance Beadworks training.

It was fun attending the training. I learned a lot. At first, my hands are not used to handling tiny beads. Many times, when I was creating a loop from a head pin, the beads and pin were slipping out of my hold. Sometimes, the other end of the wire I was holding pokes faces of my seatmates... I'm such a first-timer. But I'm a junkie at this.

I will be posting here the pictures of my first bead works soon!!!

Guys, if you want to attend free training such as this, the CLEEP is being held once every month and the next schedule is on August 22, 2009. You can visit their website for more information:

Such a precious little one

Jed, wife of Edmond who is my bf's brother just gave birth to a 6-pound, healthy and cute baby boy. Not that I'm a first-timer tita but I'm quiet excited to prepare scrap book for him. I just don't know if the mother is into scrap booking but I hope she would appreciate my effort. Anyway, I just volunteer to design the pictures for giveaways on the upcoming christening... and here it is, the not so-usual-type-super-enhanced-give-away-pic....

This is me

... yesterday, my interest in digi-scrapping rekindles. And I am again, switching sites, searching for scrapping resources... good that I came across this very good digi-scrapping site that offers free resources and shows alternative designs. I also came across this dig-scrapping tool online that everyone who shares the same interest with me will surely love:
Here's the source of all my inspirations:
Now, I declare, yesterday is my official digi-scrapping day :) Just for a starter... this is me...

*** Happy scrapping and blogging everyone!!! ***
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