Christening Giveaway Pics

A friend and a colleague of mine who is very much into scrapping influences me to do scrapping stuff. By then, I was very hesitant to put my time into this craft because of two obvious reasons: 1) it is time consuming and 2) I am not very artistic. I tried my hands on my very first digi-scrap project, a picture collection of me and my beau which I'd put into frame and presented to him as my 5th anniversary gift. The outcome is great for a first timer. One just need to be thoughtful to create a thing with an art. From then on, in between breaks and idle time, I usually find myself doing digi-scrapbooking. I don't have much of a collection but when friends have occasions like christenings or birthdays, I usually volunteer to create thumbnail pictures for the give aways. In this way, I can practice this craft and can eventually discover few techniques of creating digi-scrap using Photoshop Adobe.

Here are the recent giveaway pictures I've created (a volunteered work for both my bf's brother and his first cousin). All elements used in these pictures came from Shabby Princess.
For Franzua
For Claurence Karl

The pictures I have used are not great. It is so hard to take pictures of these babies. If you can't find them sleeping, they are fully awake and crying. Such cute, little whiners!


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