Know the Basic for Beginners: Basic Tools

Are you one of those who are eager to form a creative hobby and is eye-ing bead working as a start but is not sure how to begin?

Here are some know the basic guide to help you get started.

Same as any other handcrafts, you cannot do much without the proper tools to start with. You have to get yourself familiarized with the different beading tools. I am using three different basic work tools which I think is a must have for every beginner.

Round Nose Plier

With a long, smooth round jaw perfect for creating wire loops. Because of it's long nose, you are able to reach difficult areas. This is a necessity for every beading project, from simple drop beaded earrings, to chunky necklaces to very kikay charmed bracelet.

Flat Nose Pliers

Also called the Needle Nose Pliers.
It has two flat surfaced jaws used to hold and manipulate both sheet and wire gold silver and all precious metals. This tool has lap joints and polished head to prevent marking soft metals and is great for opening and closing jump rings, straightening wire loops, making right angle bend in wire, flat crimping and so on.
I tried opening jump rings using a flat nose and a round nose. I noticed that my jump rings were dented and sometimes crimped. So I suggest to keep two flat nose for opening and closing jump rings and for holding wires while you're beading.

Chain Nose Pliers
Chain Nose Pliers comes 2 in 1, a flat nose with a cutter on the middle near the hinge part. This work well for tiny details or wire-wrapping beads.

The cutter is also important in cutting wires and threads. Just be careful though when cutting wires. There are tiny bits that just fly out and can harm your eyes or face so you might need to keep a working glass within reach

As your beading skills progress, you will learn other few essential tools for advanced beading. But for now, try to practice your beading skills with the above handy tools

Happy beading!!!


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