Know the Basic for Beginners: Earring Wires

There are just too many details on bead materials ranging from wire, threads, pins, beads that you will lose track whenever you want to buy bead materials. I am sure beginners like me would feel the same sentiments when going stores from stores, examining details, looking for what is best and sometimes ending up either buying the wrong one or buying one that is not does not actually suit the project in mind.

Once I bought a Fish Hook earring findings, when I arrive home and started my drop earring project, I realized the earring I was working on would look good on something that would lessen its lenght. I should have selected something like a ball posts with a charm loop but then I am not aware of that term. And the saleslady that was assisting me was not very much informative.

For beginners like me, I have put together if not all some of the earring wires I am familiar with that you can add to your starter kit.

1. Fish Hook
A simple hook with a twisted wire and something like a 4mm ball at the base

2. French Hook
A simple wire hook with a basic charm look (minus the twisted wire and the 4mm ball)

3. Euro Clicks & Lever Backs
Elegenat, not so thick wire with hinges.

4. Ball Posts
In tagalog, 'de pakaw'. A very simple earring findings with a 4mm ball with a charm loop and a hook.

5. Flat Disks
Good for making simple piece of earrings. Flat disk can also make a great dangling earrings!

I hope this little information helps beginners out there.

Happy beading!!!


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