Making Chain Earrings

This earring has 3 chains attached to a fish hook. 
The middle chain has 12 connected jump rings while the two chains have 9 connected jump rings. All of these chains are attached to one jump ring which I used to connect to the earring loop.

I have inserted each jump ring a teal-colored small seed bead.

To add weight and volume as it dangles, I've attached two jump rings with bead to the end of each chains.

It's just that easy. No complication though it will really take time and patience to complete this piece as you will work with small pieces of jump rings and beads.

I have already sold two pairs of this earrings :)

Happy Beading!!!


Anonymous said...
November 22, 2009 at 7:30 AM

Nice! Where can i buy that? do u have shop where i can see ur stocks? Thanks...

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