How to Make Simple Charm Bracelet


6 - 7 inches Silver Bracelet Chain (you can select bracelet with few charms on it)
5 pcs 8mm Pearl Bead
5 pcs 6mm Pearl Bead
5 pcs 4mm Pearl Bead
5 pcs 4mm Crystal Bead
20 pcs Head Pins


Round Nose
Nose Pliers
Clasp and Toogle (if the Bracelet Chain does not have a lock)

The procedures are very simple.

1. String a pearl bead on a head pin. Make sure the pearl bead go all the way down to the shaft, and that the head of the pin is flush with the bead. Do this in all the remaining Pearl Beads.

2. Take one head pin with pear bead, using chain nose pliers bend the wire right next to the bead away from you at a right angle. Note: If you think the head pin is too long, cut it into your desired length.

3. Make a loop. Grasp the bent wire with your round nose pliers just beyond the bend. Pull the end of the wire back around the tip of the pliers. Go all the way around and make a loop around the tip of the pliers, until the wire points in the other direction. Do not close the loop yet because you still need to attach this to the bracelet. If you accidentally close the loop, you can just re-open it by using two flat nose pliers and remember to open it sideways.

4. Repeat steps 2 - 3 to all remaining beads.

5. Now that you finished looping, connect head pin components onto the chain. Leave two or three link between each dangles.

It would be up to you where to place beads. I prefer starting at the middle by putting largest bead, then the next size up to the small, alternately. You can also opt to have different bead colors.

Now you have finished your very first charm bracelet project. Not a bad one for a starter:)

Happy beading!!!


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